Scions Of Saliq

The Beginning

The Human Paladin of The Raven Queen and the Dragon Born Ranger travel together looking for work and wander into the monastery the Dwarven Cleric of Avandra is living in. He decided to go with them to provide spiritual guidance to them on their travels. The enter a town and encounter a decidedly undead bouncer named Glen. Glen, the bouncer of the bar and protector of the town, sends them to find out whats happening at a nearby iron mine.

The Party, though confused as to this obviously horrifying, death-like figure, decide to aid the town and go off to the mine. After being ambushed by kobolds, they find a dying Dwarf and return him to health. The Dwarf, Grombol, informs them his cousin is within the mines depths and agrees to lend his power to the group for a bottle of wine.

Fighting their way into the mine, they find Grombols cousin in the midst of an jail break. After striking down the kobolds, an ogre breaks free of his cage and engages the party. The party manages to slay the ogre but at the price of the cousins life and with the paladin on the brink of death.

Grombol collapses to his knees over his dead cousin and the party patches themselves up as a mighty roar shakes the mine…



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